They say good things take time and patience.

Deep within the Western Australian remote outback, Lake Deborah has taken 5 million years to form a natural, ancient salt lake. Harvesting the high-potency magnesium minerals and trace elements that lie just beneath the salt layer, three generations of the family-owned brand Ancient Lakes, have taken a fraction of this time to develop their Natural Liquid Magnesium, Salt and, an all-natural range of skincare.

With a devoted following of customers who value and understand the benefits of natural liquid magnesium in their diet, and one which suits their modern lifestyle, Ancient Lakes realised their branding needed a refresh in order for their expanded range to appeal to a wider retail market.

Engaging Dessein with the brand refresh for their packaging which adhered to stringent TGA requirements, we went back to the source – Lake Deborah for inspiration.

Lake Deborah is something truly magnificent. The remoteness of its outback location, an unspoiled landscape of contrasting Australian rich red earth against the purest white lake salt is nothing short of spectacular, but it was the subtleties of light late in the day which produced the softest tones of pinks, blues and created gritty textures of the outlying scrub which caught our attention.

The skincare range features photographs of this natural wonder and breath-taking colours on the packaging. The illustrative logo highlights a liquid drop representing the pure and natural magnesium directly sourced from this wonderous lake.

The copper foil was added to the Ancient Lakes’ brand to not only elevate the brand and highlight its premium product range but also convey a sense of rarity and uniqueness due to the specific geological and environmental conditions required for the mineral-rich salts to form.