Claudio Biscotti Italian Biscuits


Creative Agency: Dessein
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Claudio Biscotti Italian Biscuits
Location: Margaret River, Western Australia
Packaging Contents: Biscotti
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset and Foil Stamping

Artisan Italian biscuit maker Claudio Biscotti has over 400 different authentic recipes for his range of regional Italian biscuits – each as distinct as the region from which they originate. Truly hand-made in small batches, Claudio Biscotti entered the retail market with five of his favourite biscuits. Presenting them in packaging which embodies the same values of love and care imparted by the hand-made process and presenting them as both a gourmet treat and artisan gift was imperative.

A two-part box provides the solution. Rose gold foil embellishes, elevates and brands the range – Claudio Biscotti – a sophisticated rose gold foiled seal sits atop of the first, upper box with a cookie-cut shape die on the front face. This generic box is shorter and sits over the larger, second base box for each specific biscuit. Simple photography heroing the product peeps through the front cookie-cut die of the top box while the ingredients, a personal message from Claudio and separate product description also appear through separate die-cut windows around the sides of it.

The experience of gifting is emphasised as the top box is lifted and reveals the coloured base box featuring cameo’s of the key ingredients, highlighting the distinct flavours and story behind the biscuit name, history and best way to enjoy them.

Colourful, distinctive and contemporary without compromise to the integrity of the traditional values of the product the packaging is as elevates the user experience of unboxing before experiencing the joys of the biscuits themselves.