The Tarni Brand is a brand of sustainably caught seafood from the pristine and sometimes turbulent water of Australia. Valuing a ‘Fresh from the sea to plate’ philosophy, the catch is hauled onto the vessel and packed directly into retail packaging and snap frozen at sea.

The structural design has been designed for ease of use. The tapered box shape uses in-line gluing, assembles the package and keeps the top open. Each box nestles inside the next and is simply pulled from the bottom to dispense it before filling with produce, closing, packing and freezing. This eliminates double-packing and furthers the brands sustainability practices by using less packaging. It’s convenient stacked storage uses the same space as conventional flat-packs and by removing the need to assemble before use, packing in rough seas is an easier process.

The design leverages the unique Australian landscape for its colour palette. Deep dark blues, crystal clear turquoise and burnt copper colours match the red earth and coastline from which the produce itself is caught. Textural imagery and illustrations reference the values of traditional fishing practices and historical beginnings, highlighted through the typography and copper foil finishes to deliver the premium qualities of the brand.




Designer, Leanne Balen
Photographer, Geoff Bickford
Director, Geoff Bickford

Shark Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd