Rubra Kokolicious


Design: Dessein
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rubra
Location: Perth, Australia
Packaging Contents: Powdered Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset and Foil Stamping

The Brief
To design a hot chocolate package for Kokolicious to compliment the contemporary range of tea and coffee satchels for boutique coffee specialist Rubra Coffee.

How the Project Solution Responded to the Brief
Having completed the packaging range for the Rubra coffee and companion tea packaging, a design for the Kokolicious drinking chocolate was required which would unify the hot chocolate with the tea and coffee as the creations of a signature series by Rubra. A design revolving around the characteristics of the intense chocolate flavour was created.

Designed with a white background to match the coffee series, each tea package had an assigned colour to capture the personality of the tea – Kokolicious used the rich chocolate browns and was enhanced with gold foil type to identify it as something extra special.

Moulding the letter ‘K’ out of the surrounding melting chocolate not only portrayed the rich intense flavour of the product, but also connected the hot chocolate drink to the range of Rubra teas, which also focus on a letter – ‘T’ – shaped from tea leaves. Like the tea range, it’s unique box mechanics incorporate a tab zip opening feature, where upon opening the lid acts as a sleeve to seal in the flavour during storage.

What’s Unique?
Each package has two ‘front’ faces enabling them to be displayed singularly as either a single front or dual-faced view. Grouping multiple boxes together, the symmetry of the triangular prisms allows them to interlock and form a circle. The selection of a cast-coated card stock to print the 4 colour process design, was chosen for its economical viability and its ability to support the mechanics of the zip opening feature. A matt aqueous varnish, spot gloss varnish, emboss and gold foil finish the packaging by highlighting the feature elements of the design.