Feed for Thought


Inspired by her own dog Max and a desire to limit the impacts of climate change witnessed while working in Antarctica and the Arctic, Founder and Environmentalist, Alison Gordon, created Feed For Thought to empower pet owners, create change and ultimately help our planet.

It was from her objective to nourish pets, give pet owners the opportunity to shop ethically and with an environmental conscious, that the pet food, using sustainable protein from Black Soldier Fly Larvae was born. Creating a new generation of pet food using insects farmed to be part of a regenerative, circular system which actually reduces food waste truly is a way our pets can eat towards a greener future.

The vision for a greener planet is the advocate for the new visual identity. The solution challenges pet owners to think about the impact of our pets carbon footprint as well as our own.

Preliminary research identified 45% of dog owners as Millennials and this digitally savvy target customer as being both a socially and environmentally aware consumer to which the environmental and sustainable aspects of Feed For Thought would be highly valued.
Fostering these values and the idea of the thought becoming reality began with the logo itself, and the creation of the We Walk Together tagline – the bond between man’s best friend and humans as we walk side-by-side, sharing the impact of each paw/footprint left on the planet.

Demonstrating the concept of a regenerative, circular system and the goal of a healthy existence for man, animal and planet is presented as a seed of hope, with an image of an American Staffordshire Terrier looking towards Earth, the vividness of the planet’s colour reflected in his eyes, or is he simply longing for one of the Feed For Thought biscuits? Probably the later, he doesn’t need to know about the innovation of the brand, or that insect protein needs less land area and creates less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional protein sources, or that the packaging they arrive in is all recyclable and carbon positive.

Side panels of the packaging offer Did You Know facts about the environmental benefits of the brand which at the time of launch included a bonus soap made from the remaining Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Research of the initial brand concept reported that  “The pack had a new and fresh look. With the image of the earth on it there can be no doubt as to its environmental footprint properties” and “It delivers the message most clearly that it’s good for dogs and good for the earth”.