EFM – Sensory Ignition packaging


EFM rebranded their range of mobile phone accessories and device gear in 2015 and in 2021 re-engaged Dessein to assess both the design and structural components of the packaging. The key focus was to ensure the EFM brand not only remained on-trend with modern lifestyles, but continued  to position this Australian company as an innovative market leader.

The objectives of the brief were to revolutionise the current packaging in terms of both  style and functionality using an innovative solution to cut through the crowd. EFM wanted to offer their customers an unparalleled unboxing experience, while maintaining the premium qualities of the brand and utilising minimal components and materials to present the EFM brand as a market leader in sustainable packaging across more than 300 skus.

Designed with sensory ignition

Since the inception of EFM, the brand has continually evolved to deliver quality products and experiences which meet the needs of the modern consumer’s lifestyle with affordable, high quality mobile phone accessories. This new chapter of the EFM brand celebrates its Australian provenance and introduces sensory perception with multi-sensory packaging.

EFM products ignite the senses.
Its Australian design ensures it delivers the best user experience engaged through touch, sight, sound and the latest EFM innovation – scent. The edition of scent expands the sensory experience effectively satisfying 4 of the 5 main senses.

The edition of scent expands the sensory experience effectively satisfying four of the five main senses.

Each of the four of the five senses are aligned to an EFM category referencing a sensory experience and EFM’s role as an Australian brand made for Australian lifestyles through the tag line. (While we are not able to incorporate a physical taste into the packaging, we acknowledge the buyer as having good taste for recognising EFM as a quality brand).

EFM ignites the senses with:

TOUCH – Case Armour. EFM The Australian touch
Strong, stylish smooth and textural protection you can feel.

VISION – Screen Armour. EFM The Visionary Australian
Seeing is believing with crystal clear clarity your eyes can trust.

SOUND – Audio. EFM the sound of Australia
Listen to that harmony, big bass and beat. Strike a chord and hear it all.

TASTE – Empower The ENERGY OF Australia
Recharge and energise with quality design and performance.

SCENT – Promise. The choice of Australia
Breathe in and relax. We guarantee surety with each sniff.