In this curator’s insight, we are looking at Oio Lab’s skincare products designed by HUGMUN, a design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. At first look, the products are a harmonious blend of nature’s goodness and colorful shapes. Imagine a dance of vibrant, illustrated blobs, each encapsulating the essence of organic, cold-pressed oils and plant extracts. The blobs aren’t random; they’re a choreography, a ballet of botanicals that mirrors the founder’s commitment to traditional wisdom and advanced skincare.

The choice to visually represent components in such a lively, artistic manner is genius. It’s not just about what’s inside the bottle; it’s a celebration of the natural dance of skincare rituals. The design is a storyteller, weaving together the wisdom of traditional practices with the innovation of modern skincare.

Design Direction, Branding, Web, Packaging, Print, Animation, 3D by HUGMUN

Kuba Szopka, Sivan Roshianu, Michał Bachora, Joanna Ziemowska, Marek Degórski.


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