Once: A Tale of Ultra-Premium Brandy Artistry

Embarking on a distinctive challenge, our mission was to create both a name and a bottle for a rare 40-year-old brandy.

This extraordinary spirit, enriched through a proprietary coupage method and four decades of aging in oak casks since its 1980 distillation, demanded a design as exceptional as its essence. Much like an endangered species, this brandy is a limited edition for annual auctions – a rare find that, once consumed, becomes a cherished memory.

At the heart of the brand identity is the name “Once” – an homage to the rarity of both the product and the moment it represents. The very essence of exclusivity, this name signifies a singular experience that can only be savored once in a lifetime.

Our vision for the packaging was to seamlessly integrate the cognac with its heritage, illustrating the inseparable bond between spirit and barrel. The design creates the illusion that the brandy was not bottled but carefully extracted, maintaining the connection formed over four decades.  Each bottle is a slice from the very heart of the barrel, preserving the legacy of time. The glass surface allows connoisseurs to visually appreciate the liquid gold within, emphasizing the rarity of the aged spirit.

Encased within an antiquated oak wooden frame and fixed with iron, the packaging serves as a visual metaphor for the enduring journey of time. Each bottle bears a unique number, elegantly inscribed onto the iron frame, adding a personalized touch to this rare and limited collection.

When the product becomes a collectible piece of art, a tangible piece of history, it encapsulates the culmination of craftsmanship and time. In every detail, from the design concept to the choice of materials, “Once” stands as a testament to the artistry that goes beyond the liquid it holds. This is a celebration of legacy, an invitation to savor not just a drink but an entire narrative of craftsmanship, dedication, and the passage of time.