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Viale delle Magnolie, 90144 Palermo PA, Italia

Sapienza / branding

The visual identity project of Alessandro Sapienza’s company was born from the desire to enclose in a single sign the distinctive elements of the territory that characterize the company; the power of the Etna volcano, the ephemerality of the Sciambro river and the heroic viticulture, by the people of the area, on the black soil that flows from the volcano.

Sapienza / packaging

The beauty of a tall and ancient volcano like Etna is also manifested in its “mountain” characteristics. In fact, unlike other drier volcanoes, Etna reaches heights that allow it to have well-defined seasons and well-defined phenomena connected to them. The moment of snow melt is one of these fascinating phenomena which, thanks to the volcanic nature of the soil, takes on particular forms and situations. There is, for example, a stream that “lives” only for a few weeks or a few days, and only in spring: the Sciambro stream, or “of the Forty Hours”.

This is because it is fed exclusively by melting snow or high-altitude spring rains, so it fills with water for a few days a year.

In reality, its life lasts more than forty hours, in fact it is often seen active for weeks, between April and May. But not always continuously. It is certainly a watercourse that occurs during a single season and remains dry during the remaining ten months of the year. Hence the charm and privilege of being on site just when the stream is in flood.

This is the incipit that led us to the creation of the product identity of the Etna rosso DOC of the Sapienza company.

The label, made up of two disconnected planes of different colours, is crossed by a turquoise band that cuts it in two; this graphic solution represents the aforementioned territory, in which Etna looms over the underlying black lands, cultivated with vineyards, while the Sciambro river traces a border between the Mountain and the cultivated lands.



Viale delle Magnolie, 90144 Palermo PA, Italia
Etna photo: caitlyn-vermeij-DRhKeDhEdxc-unsplash
background cover: irham-setyaki-b2gyAgjtKn8-unsplash
Alessandro Sapienza