Battichiè Riserva del Fondatore / Tenute Navarra


Viale delle Magnolie, 90144 Palermo PA, Italia

The visual identity project for Tenute Navarra was conceived on a dream. Through the work of Riccardo Guasco, the icon of the company’s first wine, we wanted to represent the powerful suggestion of the dream, of the ideal, which has animated Totò Navarra over the years of his successful entrepreneurial life, the search for perfection and beauty of human action, inspired by nature.

Battichiè, a reserve of the founder, represents the first tangible testimony and at the same time the expression of this passionate bond with their land. All corporate communication is centered on the power of this ideal.

Three clear, oblique lines, the letter N of the brand, anticipate the name of the founder; they are an expression of his strength, of his determination, they are the furrows in the earth, they are the rows of the vineyards. accompanied us in the design of all the elements of the corporate identity.