GINnasium // Neuromarketing & Gin Design / PROJECT B


Viale delle Magnolie, 90144 Palermo PA, Italia

Gin.nasium is a project created in collaboration with: UPM Raflatac, Sovemec, Luxoro – Leonhard Kurz, VETROelite Group, Vinolok, T&K, SenseCatch.

Gin.nasium, the first neuromarketing case study of gin design.

A packaging project through which to tell Sicily, my adopted region.

The Concept

In designing this project, I chose to adhere closely to the idea suggested by its title: GINnasium, the gym of gin design. Drawing on this historical reference, I aimed to connect it with the identity of the island. The project’s concept, developed through two experiments, centers on creating a new “pop iconography.” This iconography moves away from the overused imagery of puppets, Sicilian carts, and Moor’s heads, seeking fresh inspiration to uncover the roots of our imagination.

Project B: Sicily, Eternal Instant

The Gin.nasium paper project is built on the concept of historical fragments. Imagine Sicily: the rays of a scorching sun reflect off the white remains of a colonnade. Suddenly, athletes appear, running between the columns. The dazzling light shimmers on their bodies, anointed with perfumed essences, creating a kaleidoscope of unreal reflections. The image freezes in a snapshot. Was it a dream?