Terre Dei Miti // Branding And Packaging


Viale delle Magnolie, 90144 Palermo PA, Italia

Lands of the Myths/concept

This branding project for an Etna winery, aimed at the American market, brings with it the value heritage expressed by the winery in its centenary wine history, which has its roots in the black earth of the Etna volcano, in Sicily. Sicily is an ancient land, an expression of different peoples and cultures that have overlapped, mixed, renewed, one on top of the other, in an eternal cycle of contamination.

Here mythology has very ancient origins, it was born in written form with the Greeks and Romans, but it has even earlier origins and our daily life, upon closer inspection, is still steeped in popular rites, culture and the arts. Even today we “breathe” the myth. The choice of an Italian name for the new brand has the intention of creating a strong identity that explicitly recalls the subject of our brand and its historical geographical location.

The project idea of telling our company history through the myths narrated in our antiquity fascinates and makes us proud. We believe that the representation of the “myth” as a visual identity on our packaging, through a contemporary interpretation of that aesthetic, which is expressively linked to the reference market, as well as to our identity, can capture the essence of our project and transfer it effectively to our public, arousing visual and material sensations, obtained through special processes on fine papers.

Gold and colored foils, glossy paints in relief, clear, geometric lines, combined with pictorial and extemporaneous signs. It is almost like retracing the artistic history of our land through current iconographies, which are stylistically and conceptually influenced by the sober and elegant sign of the black figures on vases from the Hellenic era, up to the loud and sparkling chromaticism of the Sicilian baroque aesthetic.

The Myths, these fairy-tale, imaginative, horrifying stories, will be our narrative, each wine will have its own story, its characters, its precise identity, which we will outline on labels, second-level packaging, web, social media and below-the-line activities. We have the ambition to excite, to convey the beauty of our culture, even just through a simple label.