BALANUBI / Zibibbo – Malvasia


Viale delle Magnolie, 90144 Palermo PA, Italia

The name of these two fortified wines is inspired by the Arab-Sicilian poet Al-Ballanubi, who sang about love and the fleetingness of life’s pleasures. The texture, which characterizes and embellishes the label, is made of gold foil and glossy UV spot varnish in relief on colours, inspired by Arabic decorative geometries found in Sicily.

The font used for the product name is a modern and geometric script, which recalls the current characters of Arabic calligraphy and typography. The glass design, customized with the company logo, is exclusive to this product line. Label and glass give a precise identity and an elegant, delicate and precious appearance to these “Malvasia” and “Zibibbo” from Cantine Nicosia, typical products of Sicilian oenology.