Creative Agency: ARMBRAND
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Fragrance
Location: EU, Belarus, Russia

The unusual balanced image created by ARMBRAND agency is based on synesthesia, an aroma is connected with a color for strengthened perception (cause we get 80% of information through our eyes).

The LUMIUM line is based on the story of the Swiss-French perfumer Armand Lumier.

The name itself is like a new light element in the periodic table, its sequence number specifies the frequency of color oscillation. Seven positions match the main spectrum colors connected to popular flavor types.

These colors is pulsating on the package. Bright concentric circles dispersing just as the aroma fills the space around. Because of a tall and narrow case the product line takes less of location place on a shelf.

The complex project includes the development of universal packaging for testers, mini-catalogue, promo stand, boxes for goods and promo, “space” website design, presentations for distributors and other promotion ways.

This way we have created an image of new generation perfume: complete, comprehensive, memorable, bright and certainly outstanding on the shelf.