Donna Hay

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Derrick Lin


Thanks to Sarah Clark of Frost* Design for sending in their lovely work.
Australian icon Donna Hay has teamed up with Australia’s largest independent design studio Frost* Design on a number of new ventures including packaging for a new food range as well as logo design, shopping bags and gift boxes.

In 2008, donna hay released a range of baking products including Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix, Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix, Oat & Cranberry Cookie Mix, Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownie Mix, Chocolate Cupcake Kit, Vanilla Cupcake Kit, Lemon and Coconut Cupcake Kit. For the various packaging needs, Frost adopted the donna hay mantra of “simple made special” and worked closely with Donna and her team to develop the food range’s own identity. Donna’s signature blue was enhanced with stitched ribboning and clean logotype in various colours from their brand palette. This, combined with beautiful photography has created packaging like no other.