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Derrick Lin


Identity design by Addis Creson.
Packaging developed by Landers Miller Design.

As the category creator, Kidfresh needed us to define this category in the consumer’s mind to insolate the brand from future competition. We wanted to make sure that we portrayed Kidfresh as a healthy and fun food store for children, a unique line of freshly prepared kids meals to go, and a new lifestyle brand destined to become deeply coveted by moms, dads, and children alike. The bold and graphic design system appeals to the affluent urban mom’s sensibility while making food fun for kids.
– Addis Creson

Kidfresh is a brand new lifestyle concept store that provides fresh, healthy foods especially for kids. The unique color-coded system of the products was our inspiration in creating the packaging, store graphics, signs, print collateral and website ( As a startup store, we were involved not only in the strategy and visitor experience but also the naming of items such as “kidfresh2o,” the “kidchen” and the “Kidfresh Dough Card”!
– Landers Miller Design