Danone Cocktail

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Derrick Lin


Danone is one of the leading dairy brands in Romania. They were the first to introduce a fruit yoghurt on the romanian market, way back in 1997. In September 2008, Danone decided to include a new drinkable fruit yoghurt in their product range and needed a suitable packaging solution.

Main objective was to cover a broader target range especially the young and active and to focus on ease of use, whether you’re walking down the street in need of something refreshing or if simply you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to mess around with a straw or a spoon.
Second objective was to ensure high visibility and memorability at shelve within the over saturated yoghurt market.

Design consideration:
The main constraint was to hold on to the blue background and specific logo shape and sizes.

We brought a more graphic oriented aproach, barely used on local market as a packaging solution, to replace the traditional overused “fruit-yoghurt splash”, while still keeping on looking delicious.
Enhanced the product’s general image with additional type treatment and colors based on the two different types of flavor.

Designed by ACME Industries.

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