Derrick Lin


Brands need stories, and this is where we began, writing the script… Glenfiddich was the maverick of the malt market. Bold and brash in a traditionally restrained category. As the first branded malt whisky with extensive distribution, it is applauded by the whisky buffs, and much awarded by the industry. An excellent product in need of an excellent image.

Lewis Moberly set the pace for malt whisky in 1988 with the launch of the benchmark Classic Malts. Since then the market has matured with increasing sophistication. Sought after premium cues need sensitive execution, as consumers increasingly seek authenticity, provenance and narrative. The valley is central to the new identity, linking the brand’s aged portfolio with an evocative landscape and colour palette. A silhouette of the stag is glimpsed through the trees, in animated sequence, changing from pack to pack.

A journey through the valley…. Every aspect of the brand has been touched by this narrative, giving Glenfiddich the individuality it deserves, the tonality it desires and the credibility it requires as the leading brand.

Designed by Lewis Moberly, United Kingdom & France.