U’Luvka Vodka

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Derrick Lin


U’LUVKA’S ICONIC GLASS BOTTLE was inspired by ancient alchemical distillation vessels. Alchemy is all about transformation, and every transformation involves the balance between opposites: light and dark, negative and positive and, that most potent of all transformative oppositions, the dance of man and woman, which is ultimately the dance of life itself. The U’Luvka bottle is a physical representation of the balance between male &female, with the rounded base representing ‘female’ and the elegant neck ‘male’.

The beautiful simplicity of the bottle is kept free of ornamentation because it needs none: when something is in harmony, it is inherently beautiful… ‘Form follows Function’. And when something is simple and beautiful, it’s usually practical too: we’re told that bartenders love U’Luvka’s design because the kink in the waist makes a perfect thumb rest for smooth pouring.