Derrick Lin


A new product range for 2010 which includes multi-packs and single units, Cornetto Enigma is Cornetto’s launch into the premium proposition range, aimed at consumers who like experiencing extra levels of indulgence and intrigue in ice cream purchase. The product which has been described as delicious cones, interesting all the way through, combines ice cream with a core of either fruit, chocolate or nutty sauce extending from the crown right through to the bottom of the cone.

Following consumer research and further insight from Unilever, Embrace Brands looked to create a visual identity for Enigma which conveyed the message of surprise and discovery, while at the same time positioning it as a richer experience over other Cornetto products. The Cornetto brand essence, ice cream expression of love needed to play a key part in the final designs.

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Greg Vallance, Creative Director, Embrace Brands comments:

Our work for the launch of Cornetto Enigma reflects the experience that can be expected from inside the wrapper. That extra dimension of intrigue and discovery had to be brought out in the visuals while retaining a sense of the Cornetto heritage which enjoys a loyal consumer fanbase across the world.

Claudia Trazza, Cornetto European Brand Director, Unilever comments:

The launch of Enigma is an important milestone in the Cornetto history, moving it from an overriding sense of nostalgia and playing a major part in the brand’s evolution. For a launch such as this, the visual branding and the impact on shelf was vital; Embrace’s experience in this category was really valuable to inject the indulgence and premiumness in the design that we were aiming for.

Designed by Embrace Brands, UK.