Derrick Lin

 Boost Your Wash closeup

Designed by The Core, United Kingdom.

The Core has created the new pack design and structure for an innovative new product set to revolutionise the UK laundry industry. Developed by Challs International, Boost Your Wash is a brand new wash enhancer with a unique formula designed to transform any washing detergent into a powerful cleaner. And unlike washing powder, it has antibacterial properties, so it not only tackles stubborn stains but also kills bacteria, leaving laundry clean, fresh and odour and germ free.

Like its unique formula, Boost’s packaging offers a shake-up for the category. ”It’s a different kind of a design for a different kind of a product”, says Andy Briscoe, Creative Partner, The Core. “We wanted it to feel more like a little helper than a stain remover, so we deliberately distanced ourselves from the ‘scientific’ swooshes, molecules and atomic-era colours which dominate that category. The laundry cues are all there – the clothes, the open-air freshness, the burst of sunlight, but they come together in a new, contemporary illustrative style that sets Boost apart from its competitors.”

 Boost Your Wash

In a fixture dominated by tall bottles and big boxes, Boost’s structure is also set to make an impact on shelf. Bespoke designed by The Core, the bottle has a broad base and a stocky, curvaceous build that has something of the ‘little hero’ about it, with echoes of other small-but-powerful products like probiotics and energy shots.

Says Kieran MacSweeney, Sales Director of Challs International: “We’re really excited about the launch of Boost Your Wash as it brings something brand new to the UK laundry industry. Our research shows consumers are waiting for a product like Boost Your Wash so we’re confident it’s going to be a real success. The timing is good too as the tough economic conditions mean consumers are being financially conscious but still want the best results possible for their daily washing. Boost Your Wash will enable them to beat all of their laundry challenges including stubborn stains, odours and germs.”

Boost Your Wash will be available to retailers from the beginning of May, RRP £3.99, and launches to consumers later this year supported by a national TV campaign.