Zero Waste WowCalendar



Designed by WeWow, United Kingdom.

Zero waste calendars to transform the promotional merchandise market

[Bradford, UK] – Eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging company wewow Ltd have today announced the launch of an innovative, re-usable promo calendar. The zero-waste ‘WowCalendar’ is set to transform the promotional market by providing a sustainable alternative to the thousands of throw-away, promo calendars that will be distributed in the New Year.

The 100% recycled card calendar has been ingeniously designed so that at the end of each month the user simply tears off the page and folds the pre-creased sheet into a branded CD/DVD card wallet, ideal for storing data or packaging a branded CD!

No part of the WowCalendar need end up in landfill as the small amount of left over card is easily recycled and the discrete metal screw that holds the calendar together can be re-used time and time again. With a minimum order of just 10 units, the WowCalendar is ideal even for companies who are looking to send out a promotional desk item to a select few clients. The benefits are enormous as the company’s brand will be sat in front of their clients for 12 months along with a powerful reminder of the brand’s environmental ethic.

The WowCalendar has been launched in perfect time for the pre-Christmas rush for brandable gifts and the Bradford based company is confident that their utterly unique concept will generate a huge buzz in the market.