Cuevas Chef

Derrick Lin


Designed by Garrofé Brand&Pack, Spain.

Grupo Cuevas entrusts to Garrofé Brand&Pack the repositioning of their mass commodity products

Garrofé Brand&Pack has carried out the project of design and communication to replace the range of products directed to the Grupo Cuevas’ big audience, one of the bigger Spanish companies of the food sector. It is about a line of mash and other derivatives of chestnuts that can be used for flavoring and accompanying different plates.

In response to the will of the client to update and re-direct their mass commodity products to a young and up-to-date public, Garrofé Brand&Pack has re-designed the packaging of the whole range of products according to their new positioning at the market. The new packaging, with sharp and clear lines, and with a young and dynamic style, answers to the aim for transmitting the values of a line of products destined to improve and enrich the consumers’ every day cooking with a professional but, at the same time, home-made touch.

In addition, Garrofé Brand&Pack has created the specific subbrand Cuevas Chef and the descriptive concept to be used as a claim Your touch. Both concepts describe the product and transmit perfectly its values of positioning in the market: to wise up the every day cooking, to create sensations, to have a tasty but healthy diet, to add an original touch to the plates that are cooked in house. The claim Your touch, easy to deal, is directed all the ages and transmits a clear message: “Make something different. With the Cuevas’ products you will give to your plates the touch of an expert cooker”.

As a result of the redesign of packaging and of the development of the descriptive concepts, the campaign Cuevas Chef transmits coherence, attraction and efficiency, accomplishing the requirements of the initial briefing.