LUNIK (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Orson Podgorskim currently studying communication design at the University of Constance, Germany.

LUNIK 1-3 is the concept for a special edition album of the German techno producer “Stephan Bodzin”, that I developed within my studies at the University of Applied Science at Constance, Germany. The album consists of an engraved aluminum USB-card, which is vacuum-packed in a reclosable PET/ALU/LDPEP-pouch. A baby-sized version of the album, containing a single USB-stick with one track on it, is distributed to all fans who booked tickets for the release event in advance. At the point of sale – the release event – the backsides of all albums frame a visual art, presented in some kind of “solar” panel. The x/y-coordinates of its grid help to individualize each album.

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