Tate’s Root Beer (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Brigid Eduarte, a graduate of the Chicago Portfolio School, United States.

The look and feel for this packaging is inspired from the qualities of root beer. Bottle caps, fizz, foam, and round bubbly type was used to make this connection. The story behind Tate, can be found written on the side of each six pack and reads:

Hi. I’m Tate. I’m a self-professed root beer snob. My obsession with all things root beer started as a child and so many of my fondest memories involve root beer. Along with my enthusiasm for root beer, I enjoy collecting old comics and love anything wrapped in bacon. My passion went from searching for the finest root beers, then learning the craft behind making root beer, and ultimately creating my own classic root beer. I have crafted a root beer made from the finest, all natural ingredients. Since root beer seems to conjure feelings of nostalgia, as it has with me so many times before, my root beer is sure to be the drink that suits the moment.

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