Yebisu (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Jin Fujiwara, United States.

Within Sapporo Beer Company, there is Yebisu Beer. However Yebisu Beer is not sold as much as other Japanese beer brands such as Asahi and Kirin. That is the reason why I wanted to redesign this brand. Yebisu represents the Japanese god of Happiness, luck and fisherman. Since Yebisu is uncommon among the United States, people are not familiar with its meaning. Through my design, I wanted to show what Yesibu is about and made it memorable for consumers. The most important part of the label is the smiling face of happy Yebisu which will get consumers attentions from shelves. And secondary elements such as fishing rods, wheats will help communicate the idea of Yebisu beer. All I wanted to do is to make people happy and enjoy Yebisu beer when they are drinking.