Berin Somay CV (Student Work)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Berin Somay, Turkey.

All students were asked to design a CV for one of the eight job notices that were published on the internet.

Each one of them were offering different positions with the need of different skills and capabilities which were all suitable and applicable for someone who works or willing to work in the field of visual communication design.

In this project, the students experimented new ways of presenting simple text; not on a blank A4 paper, but in another media: we were expected to visually communicate and transform our resumes into three dimensional, physical objects.

The brief was:

The designed resumes
/must be related with the type of work mentioned in the notice.
/must reflect our skills as asked in the notice.
/must include the regular information that a resume contains.
/must have a high quality finishing.

Based on this brief;
I designed a CV for Qatar Airways which was searching for product photographer.
I brought together all the infos and materials in a purple suitcase the color of which refers to the color of Qatar Airways.
In that suitcase, there is a passport, an envelope filled with three postcards and a photo album.

In that passport, there are my basic information and skills.
In the envelope, there are three postcards which shows my languages. Each postcard’s surface is covered by words in that language.
In the photo album, there are some photographs that I took which refers to flight and airways.