Salon Tech Keratin Treatment



Designed by Rob Lieberfarb, United States.

Salon Tech, a leading manufacturer of professional hair appliances looked to expand it’s business into the keratin treatment market. To succeed in this highly competitive atmosphere, the product had to speak excitement, with professionalism, and modern style. The bottle’s design exhibits a sense of quiet elegance, yet demands attention. The diagonal lines give a sense of movement, and change while reflecting what the product actually does, straightens hair. The colored mosaic bands exhibit technology, while symbolizing the various nutrients and elements that compose the treatment. The color coding in three steps: blues for cleaning, reds for thermal reconstruction, and purples, the final result.

Initial concepts were presented on rough 3D renderings. The original bottle was set to be white. The decision was made to switch the bottle to black in order to coincide with the line of Salon Tech hair appliances. Many ideas were executed including a pixeled look, reflecting nutrients and ingredients bonding to a surface, as well as shapes that mimic pathways on a circuitboard. Bright colors were used on black to convey a sense of power and attraction. Utimately the design was stripped down to a minimal, clean feel.