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Designed by CARTILS, The Netherlands / United Kingdom.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Launch Boosts Pernod Ricard’s Quarter Results

After the successful introduction of the ‘Blenders Pride’ redesign, Pernod Ricard India continued to cooperate with international branding & packaging design consultants CARTILS to create “Blenders Pride Reserve Collection”. This relationship between the world’s second largest spirits producer and one of the world’s first design consultants resulted in what the French distiller says is now the most expensive locally made premium whisky in India.

“Blenders Pride Reserve Collection” is targeted at the price gap between the deluxe and premium whisky segments. A Pernod Ricard spokesperson said, “Research suggested a clear consumer need gap,” referring to consumers who are keen on upgrading brand preferences.

After the introduction of the ‘Blenders Pride’ redesign, it was natural for Pernod Ricard to continue their relationship with branding and packaging consultants CARTILS. Given their; international presence, history with the brand, and knowledge of the whisky market, CARTILS was equipped to tackle this challenge.

The aim was to fully develop this new, more premium line extension of the ‘Blenders Pride’ family. It was important to stay loyal to the original brand yet to ensure that its significantly more premium nature was clearly communicated. The ‘Reserve Collection’ got its new and unique bottle shape with embossing, hence adding a new premium edge to the brand whilst still remaining very recognizable as part of the ‘Blenders Pride’ family.

Pernod Ricard is one of the first to effectively jump on the opportunity to offer consumers desiring high quality blended Indian whisky. The 3rd quarter results released March 2012 state that the positive outlook was largely due to the successful local brands worth 17% of group sales, the Indian whiskies being the key driver, growing by 25%. The main cause for the buoyancy was premiumisation, the successful launches of ‘Royal Stag Barrel Select’ and now “Blenders Pride Reserve Collection” being at the root of this.

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