Crayola (Student Work)

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Designed by Lucía Ronderos, a Universidad Nacional de La Plata graduate. She started her own Communication Design agency – YellowLand, Argentina.

Crayola is the original brand of crayons in the world. But it´s not only a crayon brand; far of that, Crayola is a fantastic universe of creativity and fun and that´s why I chose it for my graduation project.

Guided by memories of my childhood, I looked for today situation of the brand in their original country -and in mine-, and I studied the present corporate identity and its branding. I made a deep research of its complete portfolio products and their product lines, and studied its characteristics, skills and messages, analyzing differences with other similar products. Then, I looked over how these topics were communicated on brand designs, and what the brand shows about itself through them and compared with people really knows and see of Crayola. Finally, the idea for my project came out: I wanted to show what the brand represents on consumers minds, and I would do it by creating a unique universe for Crayola, where everything will be possible, and everything will be permitted. My “universe”, like an inspiration place, could be real on a fantastic sky, full of colors, forms, characters, lights and flashes.

The brand´s history and tradition, like its amazing products and effects, were perfectly represented in the slogan “Everything imaginable”. So, I decided to re-use the slogan with four new essential concepts: artistic expression, experience, fun, and specially, unlimited creativity.