Spicers – New Range Promo Pack

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Derrick Lin


Structural design by dpod & artwork by Switch.
Country: New Zealand

Spicers have been servicing people’s paper needs in New Zealand for almost 100 years, and maintain a strong global identity with operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States. They say that there is nothing more exciting than a blank piece of paper …. Paper is a promise, it is one half of a relationship waiting to be completed by the other half – your vision.

With this in mind they wanted to extend their already enormous paper range and add new boards that are perfect for sign & display needs.

Generally when a range like this comes out, paper companies tend to stack A4 sized pieces into a large, crude box and lob it on your desk and say “here, look at our new range .. we do really thick stuff now” You politely say “that’s great news” and start the process of deciding where to put this oversized box that you’ve just been struck with. It generally ends up kicked under you desk or in a filling cabinet somewhere because you can’t bare to look at it.

Spicers recognized this and decided to make the pieces the same size as a swatch book – easy.

The pack was designed to show off some whizzy cardboard engineering using their product and effortlessly have their new range easily accessible and more importantly … worthy of sitting on your desk.