Designed by ENTWURFREICH, Germany.

Concept-name: Minuky – A refreshing new shower gel series

The shower gel series “Minuky” consist of four individual products each with unique and energizing fragrances. Through a minimalistic formal language and a clear but still distinctive Label design “Minuky” persuades through its fresh character. By the use of the integrated suction cup “Minuky” gets the ability to be attachable directly at tile walls as well as glass surfaces at individual heights just like a soap dispenser. This unique feature results in an explicit optimization of the product application scenario.

The target group addressed by “Minuky” is situated in the hedonistic Sinus milieu. Freedom, spontaneity, and a clear differentiation to the conservative Milieu are the central values of this young and geographical uncommitted Target group.

Flat shares or small apartments lead to a very creative ways of dealing with the confirmed lack of space. These needs are picked up by “Minuky” and are translated into a connection between the product experience itself and the Brand values.

At the P.O.S. “Minuky” attracts attention through a vibrating but precise design. Supports by bright coloring it provides orientation for the customer and stimulates its readiness to purchase. The colors of “Minuky” are balanced on their fragrances “revitalizing fresh ice“, „delightful lemon“, „terrific grape“ and „peach energizer“. The convex drop shape of this series invites to apply the shower gel and generates an intuitive understanding of how to use the product, during later use.

Tailored to the needs of the target group, “Minuky” combines distinctive design with an innovative functionality.

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