SANVIO Roller Pack



Designed by D.G. Gabriel Arcieri of 1962, Argentina.

The project is initiated by both customer and market demand, as the wheels for rollers/skates are a heavy product, circular and used 8 at a time so they must be sold in packs, generating greater total weight and uncomfortable to carry for skaters/athletes.

Analyzing the market, we saw that the biggest brands in the world use square or rectangular boxes to hold the wheels, resulting in waste of space and material overspending.

Based on various studies, our conclusion is that we must innovate in design, taking into account the above-mentioned three aspects: practicality, economy and sustainability.

The result was the production of a virgin cardboard tube to contain the exact measure of the two different diameters, with a metallic base board attached to a metallic and removable cap which contains the isotope to give enhancement in relief and identity to the container.

The graphic design of the package was created along with the lines of the brand. The challenge was to include in just 2 containers of different diameters, the 16 variables of product: a packaging for ø63 diameter wheels to hold the rough GRIP 92A ø63, MERCURY 40 or 63, 60 or 63 MERCURY, MERCURY 75 ø 63 MERCURY 80 ø and 63, and one to hold the wheels in diameter O57: O57 60 STEEL, GRIP 92 @ 57, MERCURY 40 O57, O57 60 MERCURY, MERCURY 75 O57, 40 O57 PEWTER, PEWTER 60 O57, O57 75 PEWTER, TITANIUM 40 O57, O57 and TITANIUM TITANIUM 60 75 O57.

The front of the package has the relevant information of the product with the indication of the inside product and back, along with technical information promoting other brand products.

We achieve several goals, as the economy of the materials, the practicality for athletes, the use of internal and external space, and reuse the same visibility.