British Bulldog Pub

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Designed by Ideamo branding & design, Poland.

There is a place, in the very heart of Warsaw, where lovers of excellent British drinks, connoisseurs of juicy steaks and sport supporters meet – in the British Bulldog Pub you can feel the atmosphere of a British pub at its best.

The restaurant has been present on the capital’s culinary map for many years and is valued by regular visitors. In 2012 the owners decided to freshen it up.
The beautiful new interiors required new graphic design. It was also decided to change the name. That is how the London Steak House became the British Bulldog Pub and we were granted the honor of creating the new visual identification.

The new logo was to be strong and manly like a seal. We have decided to juxtapose black and white, without any additional colors. The applied font could be successfully used for a beer brand – the beverage of which the pub is a sanctuary. And, of course, the English Bulldog – the breed present on the British Isles for more than a thousand years, one of the symbols of the
United Kingdom. The most famous of them is undoubtedly Rufus – Winston Churchill’s dog. And that is why it became part of our logo and the mascot
of the Pub.

The British Bulldog Pub reopened and the first spectacular tests for both the owners and ourselves were the European Football Championship EURO 2012 and the subsequent game between Poland and England at the national stadium. Guess which place was the most popular with the English fans?…