Foodtogo Chopsticks (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Lily Li, Canada.

Foodtogo™ is a fun and playful brand that packages chopsticks in a unique way. The chopsticks are designed after the historical backgrounds of three asian countries: China, Japan and Korea. Therefore each pair of chopsticks are unique and based on the specific culture.

This packaging is multifunctional and sustainable. The pouch enclosing the chopsticks can be reused in several ways such as to carry stationaries, other eating utensils or even be used as a grocery bag. The different parts of the chopsticks serves other purposes as well. For example, the hats of the Chinese/Korean characters can be taken off and be used as chopstick stands, and the waistbands of the Japanese characters can be taken off as well.

All the pouches are sewn, and each chopstick sleeve ‘clothing’ is carefully designed and illustrated according to the historical and cultural backgrounds of the cultures.

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