Derrick Lin


Designed by Marat Kharisov, Andrey Varvarin, Masha Minina and Kate Salnikova.
Country: Russia
School: BHSAD

This work features a brand concept and the whole identity (including packaging) for a line of men’s skin care products.It has been developed by a group of BHSAD students. Main product purpose is to fit people who use air transport a lot. Those can be either travelers or businessmen. 35 ml container volume allows to transport our remedies just as carry-on baggage without any troubles. The product line consists of four items: shaving cream aftershave gel moisturizing cream toothpaste We’ve created the new brand identity featuring brand name, logo, imagery and package design. Each product has its unique color and letter, which is an initial for the main product benefit. That allows our customer to navigate quickly within the range. We’ve also developed a cassette-box that looks exactly like our logo to represent our product on the shelf.