Pams Natural Licorice

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Brother Design Ltd, New Zealand.

A new product for Pams Private Label, this soft eating licorice enters a competitive category dominated by kraft naturalness and traditional confectionery cues. Soft eating licorice (made with real licorice root) is a ‘grown up’ natural sweet and the design needed to appeal to adult tastes.

At a glance the result is natural and modern, yet looking closer, there is a touch of 1920s decadence due to the typography and hand drawn embellishments, (reminiscent of a boutique lolly store.)

The hyper-real illustrations look good enough to eat and by using dark sophisticated backgrounds to colour block in store, these designs achieve stand out and a premium feel, rather than purely playing to kraft paper with red and black accents like the competitors.

Like the soft, scrumptious licorice inside, these Pams packs are sure to ‘surprise and delight’ and will tempt trial with their natural deliciousness.