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Derrick Lin


Designed by Neumeister, Sweden.

Skeppshult has been in business since 1906 and is the only foundry in Scandinavia producing cast iron products for cooking. They have a proud history of tradition and handicraft but needed to take their brand design further.

Our challenge was to modernize the brand identity and packaging design without losing the connection to heritage and craftsmanship. We took on the task by creating something unexpected that stands out amongst competitive brands. The key was to move away from the masculine design often connected to these types of products and go for something timeless. The chef’s appreciation of Skepphults peerless goods acted as our guiding star, the professional ones as well as the hobby experimentalists. We simply decided to focus on the passion of cooking. By combining illustrations of whole foods and gritty typography with the symbol of Småland County, we achieved to create a harmony of the past and the contemporary.

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