Double Action Cotton Pads Cotoneve

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Vittorio Mancini & Associati and Takaaki Inaba
Country: Italy and Japan

VITTORIO MANCINI & ASSOCIATI is a design and communication agency highly specialized in brand, corporate & packaging design. Since the late ‘70s Vittorio Mancini & Associati have shown its creative skills working with many of the most famous Italian and worldwide brands.

Our history is rich in challenges and successes. Our history is a fond search of design excellence.

Cotoneve, the most important personal-care brand in Italy, has lately lauched the brand new series of DOUBLE ACTION COTTON PADS designed by Vittorio Mancini & Associati.

Cotoneve has strategically planned to innovate in a very difficult field as personal-care is.

The aim of the brand is to offer to every consumer’s need a new range of innovative products.

Cotoneve 2in1 make up remover cotton pads, in 100% pure cotton, have a double efficacy as a result of their unique COTTON ENRICHMENT SYSTEM: the white side of the pad, thanks to its high absorbent capacity, can be used to cleanse the skin and remove the make up. The colored side, when in contact with cleansing lotion or water, will release the active principles.

VITTORIO MANCINI & ASSOCIATI realized a striped-sachet reproducing the colour effect of the pads when piled.

Four different colours to convey four related active principles on skin: pink for Dog Rose (Antioxidant Effect); green for Aloe Vera (Soothing Effetct); yellow and Orange for Propolis (Antibacterial Effect); blue for Blue-Green Algae (Reinvigorating Effect).

In 2013 this packaging design has received the MEDIASTARS awards as Best Design for the Mass Market.