Schmeck (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Alexander Stöckel, Germany.
School: HAWK Hildesheim

The fictitious German soup brand “Schmeck” was conceived for young women and men living in single households. They often buy convenience products because of the little expenditure of time or missed cooking skills. Nevertheless they are searching for healthy alternatives to fast-food and want to know where the ingredients come from. They eat healthy, do a lot of sport and are interested in smart sustainable solutions for their daily life. This is where “Schmeck” starts with a creative concept.

The content should be the center of attention, this is why the soups are packed in jars. Having the form of soup tureens the labels show at first sight the meaning of the product, connecting illustration with reality. Seals as spoons support the illustrations. The bold complementary colors show their real impact on the shelf and let the soups appear very vivid and creative.
Every jar got a little package with seeds of German herbs. After usage the consumer can wash out the jar and put some soil and seeds in it. After some time the seeds will grow and can give some spice to the next soup.

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