Designed by Aesthete, France.
Designer: Thierry de Baschmakoff

Rebirth of a beautiful sleepy one.

It took 2 years to Aesthete agency and Perfume Holding team to re-look the brand Atkinsons. Atkinsons is a 18th century house with a strong heritage and history rich in symbols. We made it rebirth by giving a contemporary reading accompanied with a touch of tradition and british eccentricity.

We pluged in the history and the archives of the brand to release the fundamental codes which constitute its DNA. End of 18th century, James Atkinson, the founder, showed his bear to sell his renowned perfumed balms in London. The bear thus had to be at the heart of the story of the brand to extend in Sir Atkinson’s soul.

The new logotype of the brand was associated with a blazon containing the bear Atkinsons as well as the flowers of the county of Cumberland, birthplace of the Atkinson family. The design of this blazon was realized in the pure heraldic tradition. Besides associated to the logo, the blazon is also used as a signature on all products as a seal.

The bottle was inspired by an old Atkinsons flask. If some bottles of the 19th century are totally covered with canework, Thierry de Baschmakoff chose to use the motive in touch to bring modernity and refinement.The canework is engraved on the cap and embossed on the packagings. The bottle was also revisited to allow a journey in time without however denying the origins of the brand.

As well, The packagings are a balance between tradition and modernity: Cabinet drawers with embossing bringing of the style and the refinement treated in lively and recognizable colors: Orange and Midnight blue are the two corporate colors.

The agency also designed the merchandising universe and the pop up store, special event place for new launches. For that purpose, we redesigned the facade of the Atkinsons Bond Street building by adopting an “architect ancient drawing” treatment, and used this graphics to cover the facades of the pop-up store. The inside plays with the mixture of genres by associating exhibition of parts of the Atkinsons museum way cabinet of curiosities, orange Chesterfield armchairs, and modern lacquering. A purely English style.

Atkinsons has just been launched in London