Designed by CookChick Design, United Kingdom.

Cookchick & Adnams Create A Bold New Direction For English Whisky.

Adnams Copper House Distillery has been producing handcrafted spirits since 2010, during which time the company has gained international recognition and awards for its spirit range, including a coveted Gin Trophy at the IWSC.

In the first few weeks of operation, Adnams laid down 20 barrels of spirit in new French and American oak barrels. After three years and a day maturation, the first two highly anticipated batches of Single Malt and Triple Grain whiskies are almost ready to release.

The striking bottle design has been created by CookChick Design. Lee Cook comments: “Designing Adnams’ Whisky has been an opportunity for us to establish a fresh new direction for hand-crafted English Whisky. We were keen to create a strong voice for this new category and not be constrained by the traditional approach of Scottish and Irish brands.

Our aim was to create a radically different design by balancing the optimistic, and vibrant coastal colour palette with the copper from the distillery stills, leading to a tempting glimpse of the whisky inside. This bold design reflects the contemporary approach that Jonathan Adnams and John McCarthy have to making spirits”.