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Derrick Lin


Designed by DAC design am chiemsee
Designer: Anne Stilper, Tim Hippmann
Country: Germany

Due to the current fragmentation in the “Weinviertel” area, the winery Petra Messerer has a variety of vines and plots. Our main challenge was to combine the wine proper names with different grape varieties and bring all to a common visual harmony on the labels. Each label motif has a relation with the proper names or the grape variety of the wine.

For example, the ” ALOIS ” (white barrique wine ), is named after the Father, whose favorite clothes are plaid shirts . The capsule color is based on the colors of the labels and can be immediately identified thus lying on a shelf . Names like ” Hirschberg “(stag mountain) or “Hasentanz” (rabbit dance) refer to situational aspects to those areas, because stags or rabbits have often been recognized over there. “Memphis Beat” or “Königsperle” (Kings pearls) have a situational , “historical” background with a “little story from life ” which will also be told the website. All bottles also work visually side by side and are attributable to the brand immediately.

The empty labels will be imprinted during the bottling until march 2014. In the next step, a complete revision of the bottles and packaging is planned for the following year .