Derrick Lin


Designed by ASGARD
Country: Russia

ASGARD branding agency has implemented a set of works on creation of trademark for MIO aerated milk lemonades.

The agency has been tasked to develop the brand concept and name, to create a trademark and visual identity of a series of labels for the five SKU, as well as promotional materials.

Being popular in Asia, milk lemonades – cocktails is a relatively new product on the Russian market. With a rich pleasant taste, these drinks quench your thirst and both children and their parents like them.

Given the specificity of the product, as well as the large age spread of the target audience, the agency specialists have offered a short, easy-to pronunciation and well-remembered name.
The main visual element of the package were pictographically concise fruits, which are placed on a background of a smiling trademark.

Fresh and positive product line attracts attention and looks good at sales, and large bright fruit on the packaging make it easy to navigate when selecting a desired taste.