Wissotzky: The Journey Collection

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Neo group
Designer: Philippe Boulakia & Dikla Robinson
Client: Wissotzky
Country: Israel

“The journey collection” is a series of tea gift sets that were designed for the Wissotzky tea company by Neo group, a leading branding agency in the Israeli market.

The Wissotzky tea company that was established in Czarist Russia more than 160 years ago is still a family owned business with passion & expertise that were hand down throughout five generations. For that reason, it was our challenge to create a packaging that will convey this unique story to the American consumer that is less familiar with the Wissotzky brand.

“While designing the collection, we literally wanted to make this story come to life by visualizing the values of a family business tradition & the world quest for quality tea.”
-Philippe Boulakia, founder and director of Neo group.

The use of white as the dominant background color, combined with nostalgic black & white images, each representing a different set in the collection, creates a classic yet fresh look that attracts the viewer’s eye and tells the story.

To keep the affinity between the collection and other Wissotzky brand products, we kept the logo used throughout all brand interfaces, framing it in a classic, symmetric form. Each set in the collection marked in a different color of a sophisticated color pallet, contributing to its differentiation and to its classic, worldly look & feel.

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