Country: The Netherlands

Global Acqua Panna brand redesigned by CARTILS

Acqua Panna is the famous still water brand from Tuscany of the Sanpellegrino S.p.A. and Nestlé Waters group which partners with S.Pellegrino in the fine dining segment. This year Acqua Panna celebrates its 450th birthday. Coinciding with this special occasion the Acqua Panna brand was to have a global redesign showing its heritage to the world; the Tuscan nature where it originates from and depict its true craftsmanship. The global redesign was created by CARTILS, experts in packaging design in the international water category for over 50 years.

CARTILS’ new redesign of Acqua Panna, depicts what the brand really stands for; true Tuscan heritage. The orange colour of the brand was retained to maintain recognisability, as well as to connect the Tuscan landscape with the typical orange colour that can be found on the rooftops of the houses in this region. On the main label the authentic Tuscan landscape can be seen with its rolling hills. A layered scenery in which the old villages emerge like islands, surrounded by slender trees in extraordinary warm orange colours. Above this Tuscan scenery, the origin of this fine water is depicted; the orange Acqua Panna logo crowned by the blue Florentine lily which is surrounded by the ornament of the fountain where this exquisite water comes from.

The label in the middle depicts a blue, hand-drawn, new illustration of ‘Villa Panna’ that ensures the high quality perception of the brand, while reinforcing the authentic brand heritage. The spring from which Acqua Panna originates was owned by the powerful Medici family during the 16th century. In this way the link with the villa is enhanced. While the neck label, is an eye catcher as it is almost totally orange with two lilies on both sides, which makes the bottle recognisable to the consumers. This new design reflects a perfectly balanced character of Acqua Panna, which has the rare ability to enhance even the most delicate tastes. A true symbol of fine dining and gourmet quality.

The new redesign of Acqua Panna makes everything the brand symbolises tangible to its consumers. As Stefano Agostini, President & CEO at Sanpellegrino S.p.A and Nestlé Waters group said: ”We want to let the consumers know that Acqua Panna originates from Toscany. As Toscany is known to the world for its, arts, beauty and quality.” (Retrieved from the video)

The new redesign of Acqua Panna will be available in the market as of end of this year in glass and PET bottles, of 50cl and 1L sizes in restaurants, hotels and bars.