Derrick Lin


Agency: Double Decker Design
Designer: Sargam Gupta
Client: Nadia Bahl & Carol Singh
Country: India
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Antidote is a cold-pressed organic juice range that aims to provide rare nutrients in the form of 5 juice cleanses. Each cleanse is named after its core function: Skinny Down for weight loss, Nine Lives for anti-ageing, Exhale for detox, Light Up for skin & Horsepower for strength.

Unlike regular fruit juices, Antidote uses carefully calculated nutrients. The packaging stems from this key factor. The logo subtly incorporates a geometric drop with two leaves. This drop is taken forward on each label with added illustrations that carve out a distinct identity for each cleanse. The juice comes in an amber medicine bottle as Antidote is essentially a “cure” for our relatively unhealthy lifestyle.

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