Monocacy Brewing Company

Derrick Lin


Agency: Tribe
Creative Director: Seth Sirbaugh
Art Director: Robby Prall
Illustrator: Brian Luong
Client: Monocacy Brewing Company
Type of work: Commercial
Country: USA

About the Company:
Monocacy Brewing Company (MBC) is a brewery located in the heart of Frederick, Maryland — an area already known for its strong craft brewing history. MBC needed an identity and branding that would appeal to a national audience, but also resonate with the local Frederick community. We worked closely with their team to create a mark that embodies the spirit of the brewery and the rich history of Frederick. The iconic Monocacy Aqueduct on the C&O Canal became the perfect symbol to represent their new brand attributes — trust, quality, strength, and craftsmanship — all while paying homage to their Maryland roots.

The Project:
Monocacy Brewing Company asked us to develop a packaging system for their labels, six-packs, and cases. The objective was to differentiate their beer from the competition, while staying true to their brand attributes. Our solution uses a consistent batch-style label paired with a custom etched illustration to individualize each style of beer. Together, the system creates an iconic family of beer that clearly represents the MBC brand.