Derrick Lin


Agency: Marque Brand Consultants
Claire Stenvert – Senior Designer
Jessica Parisi – Designer
Gavin Greenhalf – Creative Director
Gemma Lush – Photography Stylist
Andrew Dougal Stavert – Photographer
Jane Eaton – Account Manager

Client: Woolworths
Type Of Work: Commercial Work

Country: Sydney, Australia

Woolworths had developed a premium range of products for customers seeking affordable, indulgent, superior taste experiences; high quality products that would traditionally be sought through an extra shopping trip to a delicatessen.

Brief & Challenge
Marque was tasked with creating a premium tier brand that instantly delivered the quality of the range, and which clearly sits above the existing two brand tiers within Woolworths’ portfolio. In the supermarket context this new premium brand also needed to convince customers of the quality of the products in order to stop customers ‘crossing the street’ to their trusty delicatessen.

Creative Solution
Marque developed a brand strategy hinging on key brand truths from the creation of the range: that each product meets at least two of the three quality driving criteria:
• Artisanship: Products must give a substantiated rationale that the product has been produced using traditional methods driving craftsmanship, expertise and quality
• Ingredients: Ingredients must be expertly selected for their outstanding quality and superior taste
• Provenance: Where relevant, products should be sourced from world-renowned expert regions.

The brand’s bold yet simple, elegant and crafted design, produced with quality substrates and finishes, is one that customers can recognize as of premium quality, whilst credible in coming from a supermarket.

The ‘Gold’ brand name, handcrafted and produced in gold foil, standing out on a rich dark brown background allows the brand’s quality to stand out on shelf. The stamped gold foil ‘Marque of Distinction’ (MOD) roundel highlights the key development criteria of a product as proof points for customers. Photography then supplements the MOD: mood evoking provenance and artisan shots, or sumptuous food photography, all driving the superior taste experience.