Danone Greek Style Yoghurt

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Derrick Lin


Design agency: Saltmine Design Group
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: Sydney, Australia

Saltmine Design Group’s New ‘ultimate’ Packaging

Sydney brand design agency, Saltmine Design Group, announces a revitalised visual identity for the Danone Greek yoghurt brand, including the new brand name ‘Ultimate’.

In a two-step packaging change, Saltmine has repositioned Danone’s Greek yoghurt offering in the yoghurt market to make it a viable premium player. The latest refresh follows on from the huge success of the first step of the packaging refresh, following which Danone saw an amazing 17% uplift in baseline sales three months after launch, with no above-the-line support.

Last year, Danone enlisted Saltmine’s skills in packaging design, food styling and photography to update and create a new visual identity for its Greek style yoghurt range.

A key obstacle that Danone faced was a disconnect in consumers’ minds between the packaging and the actual taste of the product. They wanted to make sure the pack looked as good as the product tastes.

The first objective was to bring the flavour forward on pack. There is an increasing category trend towards ‘wholeness’ and ‘realness’; therefore portraying the real dairy and fruit ingredients photographically on pack was essential.

The next step was to dial back the overt Greek cues used in the original design and take more of a modern approach by introducing a more homely, rustic influence from the Mediterranean.

Unlike any other brand in its category, a metallic silver ribbon symbol was incorporated into the design and runs vertically through the packaging, increasing the brand’s premium cues.

This month, the second step of the brand refresh will hit shelves, including the change to a silver lid on the large tubs and the new brand name ‘Ultimate’.

During the initial brief, Saltmine proposed the brand name change to ‘Ultimate’ to encapsulate the brand offering and act as a real brand name and less of a generic descriptor. Danone took this name into brand name development and research validated that ‘Ultimate’ was the best name for the brand.

Danone Brand Manager, Matt Jazayeri, says “The introduction of the new brand mark Ultimate has seen the final step in this successful packaging re-design for our Greek Yoghurt. We couldn’t be happier with the final result.” Equipped with a desirable new name and sleek new design, Danone’s Ultimate Greek is set to continue to shake up the Greek yoghurt market.